"My mother settled immediately and has never looked back. She is afforded the independence and dignity for the things she is still able to do herself and helped in a caring way for those she is not or finds more difficult. The company and warmth of the staff and other residents has done her a power of good and the stimulation of conversation and regular organised activities is clearly stimulating her to the maximum."

Stephanie Eichelsheim

well cared for

"My mother, now aged 96, has been a resident at St George's for over 6 years. She has been well cared for and treated with kindness and respect. As a frequent visitor I am always made welcome and enjoy the very pleasant surroundings of the home."

Janet Platt 

Care & affection

"It was always going to be a daunting task trying to find a suitable place for Mum. After trawling through many others we stumbled across a true gem, St.George's Residential Care Home."

From my first visit and my initial meeting with Christine, St.George's looked and felt like the kind of place I would like to be in when my time comes.

Over a year has passed now since Mum moved into St. George's. Her progress from a person looking so frail she had nothing left to live for, to the "head-gardener" that loves to dance and waltz around the lounge as she does now is amazing !!! I can only put it down to the care and affection shown by the wonderful staff and owners of St.Georges. Thank you for looking after Mum the way you do."

Mario Gladki

dignity & respect

"My involvement with St George’s covers almost 4 years. From the moment my long standing friend came into residential care and remembering all the apprehensions that goes with such change, my confidence was assured that she would be in good hands. So it has proven that the experienced professional nurses with real caring assistants, together with sympathetic and understanding proprietors provide a residential care establishment of the highest order. This standard has been confirmed by the Care Quality Commission awards over recent years.

During this last 12 months new proprietors have invested further in the fabric of St George’s and retained the experienced care management and staff. It is difficult to perceive how it may now be bettered.

St George’s is a modest sized well maintained and clean homely establishment where residents are cared for with utmost dignity and respect. All meals are freshly prepared. Entertainment and participation activities are programmed at least two afternoons a week and during the better weather outings to external amenities are arranged."

Derek Cole, Enduring Power of Attorney for resident in care

our journey

"On pulling up in the car park at St Georges you immediately get that country house feel and as you ring the bell we noticed the grade 5 food hygiene award, always a good sign. On being welcomed in you see the various certificates and awards on display in particular Chris the manager’s “Manager of the year award “ Little did we know then of how well deserving she was of that award. As you step in you feel that ” home from home” feeling with flowers on the hall table, immaculately clean with beautifully laid up dining room and light and airy conservatory looking out onto a court yard area, with its hanging baskets and flower beds. On walking around the home it is very evident to you of the pride that is taken to provide a wonderful home for what I now call the” St Georges family” . We considered ourselves fortunate that a room was available for my mum to have on a month’s trial. Though mum was still convinced that she would stay a month to give us a break then she would be going home.

Over just two weeks we started to notice a change in her attitude, she was making friends with other residents and staff, enjoying the events and companionship of others. Knowing at night that you would be looked in on and if you were finding it difficult to sleep a hot drink and chat were there to reassure and help. By the start of the 3rd week mum was more concerned if St Georges would allow her to continue her stay after the trial period, and why she hadn’t come to St George’s sooner and been so fearful of making this step.

Being allowed to bring in some items from home soon made her surroundings familiar and the next couple of months were the happiest she had been for a long time, being part of the “St Georges family”.

Totally un- expectantly, events were soon to change when Chris and Jo who are highly skilled and professional care managers noticed problems with mum’s health, which I had completely missed and they called out her doctor. After hospital tests the diagnosis that we all dread to hear, Terminal cancer, still dazed by the news the hospital request that mum should be moved to “nursing care”. With mum being so settled at St George’s we were concerned with her making yet another move in her state of health. After consulting with St George’s they worked out a care plan with the hospital and mum returned to her home at St George’s.

Terminal cancer is a cruel illness as you watch your loved one wasting away, but at every stage of the illness it was managed with care, love and dignity, by a care team that work together and support one another to achieve their sole aim of delivering the best care possible.

Many Thanks to the Proprietors Nick and Karen Bexter for providing such a wonderful home, and who’s hands on approach brings that caring personal touch that makes all the difference.

Grateful thanks, to Chis and Jo and the care team for being such a tower of strength during so difficult a time, providing care and support to both mum and the family far above any call of duty."

The Carter Family

a new home

"Our father has been at St George's since May 2015. We did not know how long it would last before he was asking to go back home but to our relief he has settled and has got into a routine that he feels comfortable with. This has been down to the care provided by the staff and the professional way they have conducted themselves. The staff are very approachable to discuss any concerns which come up, lost cardigans, form filling.... we have always found a way forward.

St George's has the feel of a family home and the food provided is of a high standard with suggestions from the residents and family are welcome. Visits by friends and family are as often as you like and if you are visiting at the right time there is always tea and most times a cake as well.  Dad now looks upon this as his new home and does not want to move. It was a big step to going into a home but the time had come and it was all made a lot easier by St George's."

The Cahalan Family

The right decision

"As joint next-of-kin to one of your residents, we were impressed with the time and trouble she took in comparing a number of residential homes and we believe she made the right decision in coming to live at St George's. We live at such a distance that our visits are not as frequent as we might wish but we are confident that you are providing all the necessary care and opportunities for activities to make her life as enjoyable as possible."

Jenny and Keith Diment