Apart from this age based criteria, there are no barriers to entry.  However, we do assess each potential new resident in order to determine their ongoing plan of care. This assessment examines elements such as mobility, medical conditions, mental health and personal care. 

We are not a Nursing Home and therefore do not employ qualified nursing staff. We firmly believe that the care received should be like that of a large, loving family.

Long Term Care


Most people come to St. George's for the long term and therefore we are their home forever. Indeed, one of our fundamental beliefs is that St. George's is not like a care home, it is home. Residents have the freedom to come and go as they please with the peace of mind that staff are on hand 24 hours a day. If you are interested in Long Term residential care or would like to look around St. George's then we would be happy to show you around and answer any questions.

Respite Care

Respite care is often booked by family carers who need a short break or holiday. It normally comprises of one or two weeks but can often lead to a longer term placement, and in some cases a permanent stay. Short term care takes place in the same rooms as long term care and is dependant on availability. There is usually one room kept free for respite care but this cannot be guaranteed. Please call us to discuss availability.

Day Care

Day care is also available at St. George's and is particularly useful for people who want maybe just one day a week away from their normal routine. Just to come and enjoy the company of a group of like minded people is often a welcome boost for many. It is also a good way of treating the home like a hotel, with all your meals, afternoon tea and activities included!

Personal Care

Although most residents have some degree of independence with their personal care, staff are always on hand to help with the everyday tasks such as personal care. Residents’ privacy and dignity is respected wholeheartedly and they can do as much or as little as they wish in this respect. Independence is strongly encouraged.

Medical Care

While St. George’s does not offer Nursing Care, all staff are trained in administering drugs and medicines to residents in accordance with the correct diagnoses and dosages. All drugs are kept under lock and key and strict guidelines are followed when checking and giving out medication. We have close links to several local Doctors surgeries, all of whom visit the home as and when required. Musgrove Park Hospital is also a stone’s throw away if the need for a greater level of care arises. Self medicating is also perfectly acceptable if desired .....& appropriate.


Being located just a few minutes drive from Musgrove Park Hospital, it is no surprise that St. George's can act as a convalescence placement for those leaving hospital but not yet able to return home. St. George's is the perfect venue for a quiet recovery, located in a peaceful setting with private en-suite rooms.